Friday, 27 September 2013

Bright Eyed Solar Animals Lighting the Way!

It's an eco-friendly, animal frenzy here at Outdoor Leisure with a huge range of Bright Eyed Smart Solar lights flying and leaping onto our shelves. That's right- Solar Bright-Eyed Animals have arrived! And there is a solar light to suit every kind of animal lover and even a character for every season: Autumn Owl; Winter Penguin, Red Breasted Robin and Polar Bear; Spring Chicken; and Summer Frog.

The Bright Eyed Animals keep watch over your garden, patio or deck at night and are an excellent low-cost alternative to mains electrical outdoor lighting. With two white LEDs as eyes, these animals illuminate for up to eight hours.

The solar lights work by using electricity generated by the solar panel to charge internal batteries. These batteries are then used to power the light. When switched on the lights automatically illuminate at night by using a light sensor. The duration of illumination will depend on the amount of sunlight and therefore charge received by the batteries. But don't be fooled into thinking that solar lights will only work in the summer months - solar panels can produce electricity whether it's cloudy or sunny, it is only in complete darkness that they cannot.

Our Bright-Eyed Animal Solar Lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn and feature an amorphous solar panel for better performance in low light winter.

Our Smart Solar Bright Eyed line includes: Happy Hen; Bluetit; Finch; Stony Owl; Snowy Owl; Long-eared Owl; Penguin; and a whole range of different Dogs! You'd be barking mad or completely cuckoo not to get one!!!
- Written by Beau Robinson

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