Saturday, 26 October 2013

Grow Your Own VegTrug

This week the VegTrug has been in high demand and appears to be a popular item on the 2013 Christmas gift list!
Our lovely driver Jason has collected a huge delivery of both the Large and Small VegTrug this week to prepare us for the Christmas rush. Unlike some other suppliers, at Outdoor Leisure we include a free cover and frame (worth £39.99) with each VegTrug- so rest assured customer satisfaction is our number one priority!  

The Small 1m VegTrug holds 3.5 60L bags of compost and the Medium 1.8m VegTrug holds 7 60L bags. Sourced from sustainable plantation grown fir, the garden troughs are extremely durable and make for easy edible gardening.

The greatest thing about this product is that the VegTrug stands at an easy working height, which means no more bending or stretching and no more kneeling down! The VegTrug is therefore perfect for the elderly and wheelchair users. An additional bonus of the height is that a raised vegetable patch lowers the risk of slugs and snails attacking your crops.

The VegTrug is ideal for new gardeners as the garden trough is easier to manage than a dug-out vegetable patch. The Telegraph published a fantastic article last month, “A Beginners Guide to Starting a Veg Garden”, that offers tips and guidance for those who are new to edible gardening.

Personally, I think autumn is the prettiest time of year when the changing colour of leaves signals the end of the busy flowering and growing activity of summer. Now is a great time for those of you who already have green fingers to clear parts of your vegetable plot and compost old material- a job that is made much easier by VegTrug.

Although April and May is your busiest planting period, there is still lots you can do this season to get your VegTrug project underway! As advised by the Royal Horticultural Society, you can prepare beds in your VegTrug and sow broad beans, pea and pea shoots, onions, garlic, spinach, chilli peppers, blueberries and strawberries (to name a few) now while the weather is not too cold, ensuring that you have lots of fresh produce to enjoy in the winter and early summer (depending on the crop and variety).

Just in case you need any more reasons to invest in a VegTrug this year, these are a few more benefits of the garden trough:
  • The frame is a fantastic means of attaching netting to create shade for crops needing it for example, salads or strawberries
  • Easy working height for the elderly, children and wheelchair users
  • VegTrug enables those without a garden and perhaps only a small patio area or balcony to grow their own produce
  • You can easily change the earth to suit the crops you are growing
  • The frame and cover enables you to extend the growing  season and obtain more produce in a single season
  • Fleece cover slaves off the frost
  • Because of the channel shape water retention is good
  • VegTrug gives you a reason to get out in your garden and enjoy the fresh air in the winter months
  • Edible gardening encourages a healthy diet
  • There is nothing better than home-grown produce!
-Written by Beau Robinson

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