Friday, 7 February 2014

The Winchester Cube

Customers shopping for new rattan garden furniture often ask us Sales Assistants what our favourite sets are as if to sway their own opinions and stimulate a purchase decision. I always find it hard to answer this question as, when you are surrounded by dozens of beautiful, high-quality rattan garden furniture sets, how can you possibly pick just one as your favourite?

...I can't! So, instead, I have decided to share one of my favourites with you today (and there will be more of my favourites to come over the next few weeks)...

The Winchester Cube

The exquisite Winchester 4 Seater Cube

We have been selling this set for a couple of years now but no matter how many new ranges arrive, the Winchester Cube always remains one of my favourite dining sets. The cube itself is an innovative design that allows you to extend your dining set through comfortable, thick-cushioned footstools, which can sit at each end of the cube to be used as extra seating; thereby the 4 Seater Cube becomes an 8 Seater, the 6 Seater Cube becomes a 10 seater and so on. In addition to it's versatility, the Winchester Cube is also unique in the way that each footstool tucks away under an armchair, of which the back flips down so that all 3 cushions can be placed on top (the two armchair cushions and the footstool cushion) and then each armchair can be pushed under the table to create a compact cube! The Winchester Cube is therefore versatile and makes for easy storage, taking up as little space as possible!

The 6 Seater Winchester Cube transformed into a 10 Seater Dining Set
The compact 4 Seater Winchester Cube
Like almost all of our Rattan Garden Furniture, the Winchester Cube is made from UV-resistant rattan that is hand woven around a rust-resistant aluminium frame, meaning that the set can be left outdoors all year round and is completely maintenance free. This is obviously a great selling point but it is the colouring and rattan design of the Winchester Cube that makes me such a huge fan of the Dining Set.
Winchester beige fabric and sandy rattan

The Winchester Cube features a rounded rattan weave that is, in my opinion, more authentic than the flat rattan weave. The weave features various tones of beige and light brown, creating a sandy effect that is complemented by the beige armchair and footstool cushions that are included with the set. Such colouring gives the Winchester Cube a Mediterranean feel (I can just imagine the set situated on a balcony that overlooks the ocean). The Dining set is not only well-suited to exotic locations however; The Winchester Cube is perfect for an indoor dining area, such as a conservatory (where the bright sunlight will not fade the rattan), or a balcony or garden.

And the best part of all? The Winchester Cube starts from the very reasonable price of £899...what are you waiting for?!

-Written by Beau Robinson

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